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CAS 566-19-8 Safe Short Acting Steroids For Muscle Building 7-Keto DHEA

Everything is great and very high quality. I will be in touch with you soon for futher services, Really appreciate your fast shipping and good quality

—— Mr.Carlos

Yes I did it arrived yesterday, and I tried it today for the first time with great results. Thank you.

—— Mr.Benjamin

Just letting you know I received the package today, and thanks for the excellent services, Will be ordering again very soon.

—— Mr.Sergey

Yes I have had no issue with quality of products you provided me with , also all my customers are also happy with quality thank you very much.

—— Mr.Drake

Thanks for stuff, ran a test on myself last night... very happy with quality and would like to order a repeat order, thank you.

—— Mr.Hannon

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CAS 566-19-8 Safe Short Acting Steroids For Muscle Building 7-Keto DHEA

बड़ी छवि :  CAS 566-19-8 Safe Short Acting Steroids For Muscle Building 7-Keto DHEA

उत्पाद विवरण:

Place of Origin: China
ब्रांड नाम: Shanghai Stero
प्रमाणन: ISO9001
Model Number: 566-19-8

भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10grams
मूल्य: Negotiable
Packaging Details: bottle
Delivery Time: 3-5work days
Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram , Bitcoin
Supply Ability: 1000kg/month
विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
Product name: 7-KETO DHEA CAS: 566-19-8
MOQ: 10grams MF: C19H26O3
Assay: 98%min Packing: Foil bag

Steroids For Muscle Gain 7-keto DHEA Short Acting Steroids Safe Building Steroid

7-Keto-DHEA also called 7-Keto, it applications for bodybuilding, strength athletes and general fitness enthusiasts. This naturally occurring metabolite offers many benefits without side effects. This product is a metabolite of dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA, a hormone produced naturally in the body. DHEA is manufactured from the adrenal glands near the kidneys. The sheer volume of DHEA produced by these glands far exceeds any other hormones produced in the body.
The product functions like the naturally occurring DHEA, but what makes it most interesting is its oxygenated 7 position which gives it specific beneficial characteristics. These characteristics set it apart from its pre-cursor, DHEA, and other thermogenic hormones.
Advantages of Using 7-Keto-DHEA:
1. Weight loss, fat burning
2. Increased metabolism
3. Enhanced memory
4. Increased muscle building
5. Improved lean body mass
6. Immunity enhancement
7. Increasing thyroid activity
How 7-Keto-DHEA Works?
7-Keto-DHEA works at the cellular level by activating three enzymes: Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Malic Enzyme and Fatty Acyl CoA Oxidase. When activated, these enzymes increase the metabolism that results in energy production.
This increase in metabolism and energy production allows the body to use more calories from foods that would be diverted to the fat stores and inhibit the production of fatty acids. Some scientists also believe that it reduces appetite by balancing cortisol and DHEA levels by reducing cravings resulting from blood sugar instability.
The increase in energy production also produces a thermogenic effect at the cellular level which increases the use of fat stores. This promotes weight loss and increases lean body mass over time.
7-Keto-DHEA can also help metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins by increasing the cellular production of ATP, the fundamental energy molecule for the body. This helps reduce fat storage and combat weight gain.
Recommended dosage of 7-Keto DHEA:
The recommended dosages for 7-Keto-DHEA (7-oxo-DHEA) generally depend on the observed results of the user. Most would see the effectiveness of 7-Keto-DHEA (7-oxo-DHEA) by taking 200mg daily in two divided doses while others may need to take as much as 400mg.
Users should also take into account that transdermal application of 7-Keto-DHEA would require a smaller dosage as it would be absorbed directly through the epidermis and added to the bloodstream. On the other hand if 7-Keto-DHEA is administered orally the dosage would have to be higher in order to get the same results.
Can women use 7-Keto DHEA?
Yes, 7-Keto-DHEA is safe for women. This is because 7-Keto-DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA not a precursor and does not convert into any androgens or hormones at all. We simply recommend that women do not use 7-Keto-DHEA while they are pregnant.

Our advantage:
1. Shanghai Steroid R&D Co.,Ltd is a professional raw powder factory in China for over 10 years, all powders are factory directly supplying.
2. Our products have exported to Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, UK, France, Russia, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea and many other countries, over 100kgs each month.
3. Professional team special for package and shipment and staring on tracking code 24hours for customs pass guaranteed. 100% pass customs.
4. Most of powders are in stock, Chargeable samples are available, Could be shipped out within 24hours.
5. High quality, good price, fast and safety delivery. Shipment by DHL, TNT, FEDEX, HKEMS, UPS, etc.
Injectable Steroid Liquid (Customized):

Product Name Specification
Test Prop 100mg/ml
Test Enan 250mg/ml ; 300mg/ml
Test Cyp 250mg/ml ; 300mg/ml
Test Suspension 100mg/ml
Sustanon 200mg/ml ; 250mg/ml ; 300mg/ml
Deca 200mg/ml ; 250mg/ml
NPP 100mg/ml ; 150mg/ml
Equipoise 200mg/ml ; 250mg/ml ; 300mg/ml
Tren Ace 100mg/ml
Tren Enan 100mg/ml ; 200mg/ml
Masteron 100mg/ml ; 150mg/ml
Primobolan 100mg/ml
Supertest 450 450mg/ml
Anomass 400 400mg/ml
Ripex 225 225mg/ml
Tri Tren180 180mg/ml
Tri Test 300 300mg/ml
Tri Deca 300 300mg/ml
Test Blend 450 450mg/ml
Test Blend 500 500mg/ml
Nandro Test 225 225mg/ml
Mass 500 500mg/ml
Cut Depot 400 400mg/ml
Tren Test 225 225mg/ml
Nandro Test Depot 450 450mg/ml
EQ Test 450 450mg/ml
Rip Cut 175 175mg/ml
Tren Test Depot 450 450mg/ml

सम्पर्क करने का विवरण
Shanghai Stero R&D Co,. Ltd

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